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It's time for another Saturday Spotlight! Donations to the collections of the Clark County Historical Society come to us on a nearly daily basis, so we'd like to give you a peek at some of the cool new things we receive. #SaturdaySpotlight

We recently received these wonderful photos, all from different local photographers.

We know a lot of people out there probably have photos at home that you cannot identify. Perhaps the people who could have solved the mysteries are long gone or maybe you picked up an orphaned photo from a flea market and the names are lost to time. Although we do have quite a few (boxes worth) of photos in the historical society's collections that are of unidentified people, generally we do not accept donations of photos when there is no information known. (This is why it is SO important to try to identify photos when you can!) HOWEVER, there are some times when we make an exception. Sometimes a photo may be illustrative of a major event or indicative of a time, or it might show a segment of the local population that might not already be represented within our collections, or it might show the work of a local photographer...

We have a photographer reference collection, compiled by a former curator, the late George Berkhofer, that should be able to help us identify the date range for all of these photos. (Here is a link to the photographer list:

To make some of our unidentified photos more accessible and usable to researchers and in future projects, we have been working on better describing our unidentified photos and including photographer information. For the most part, the unidentified photos in our collection (most accepted LONG before our times) are rarely looked at or used. Looking at them from another angle will give them new life.

In the future, we may even be able to share a scanned album of photos online to see if anyone can help identify the people so they will no longer be lost to time!

***PLEASE NOTE*** This is not an invitation to bring us all of your unidentified photos! We don't want to suddenly be drowning in them! However, in the future we might be able to better help people solve their own mysteries...and perhaps even taken on some more orphaned photos.
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