The Historical Society main offices can be reached at (937) 324-0657. Available phone extensions for each staff member are listed by their name and title. 

If you have specific research related inquiries, please contact our staff and volunteers in the Fisher Family Library and Archives at

Contact Us


    Roger Sherrock – Executive Director – ext. 225

    Anna Roberts – Administrative Assistant – ext. 221

    Kasey Eichensehr – Senior Curator – ext. 227

    Natalie Fritz – Archivist and Director of Collections Outreach & Social Media – ext. 234

    Sydney Combs – Media and Graphic Design

    Saylor Frye – Social Media Outreach & Collections Assistant

    Tom Payne – Custodian

    John Stokes – Building Maintenance

    Board of Trustees

    Bill Smith — President

    Jim Roediger — Vice President

    John Hays — Treasurer

    Lori Clark — Secretary

    Kenneth Elder, Becky Gorby, Connie Koehler

    Ed Kranz, Larry Marple, Carol Miller

    Nancy Pence, Eric Powell, Ronald V. Rhine

    Mark Roberts, Arthur Solomon, Eric Turner