Oral History Program

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One of the ways we preserve history is through interviews. We aim to capture a wide array of lived experiences across time and across the county through an Oral History Program. These interviews, which form our Oral History Collection, are free to the public through our Library & Archives.

Some interviews, like this interview with Jim Patsiavos, are available online through our Facebook page or YouTube Channel.

Interest Form

If you would like to participate in our Oral History program, please fill out this interest form. We are interested in broad topics of an individual’s life—family life, childhood, education, career, etc.—in addition to more specific issues, like the development of an organization, a movement, or an historical event.

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Oral History Program Interest Form

Let us know if you have a specific subject you would like to talk about (e.g., farming in 1970s Clark County) or if there is a life experience you would like to talk about (e.g., early childhood, education, career, etc.).
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