Guided Tours

A guided tour of the museum is available to any visitors coming in for a visit, as long as docents are available.

Group Tours

We are pleased to provide special tours for companies or large groups. Please get in touch with us by calling (937) 324-0657 or completing our request form.

School Tours

Docent guided school tours may be scheduled for Tuesdays through Fridays and are free of charge. All tours are customized to fit curriculum needs and time constraints of individual educators. Emphasis is placed upon meeting multiple academic content standards for social studies as well as addressing components of other subject areas. Activities and materials available for teachers and students also include grade level and subject areas appropriate study guides and activities, primary source research opportunities, an oral history collection, teacher and staff workshops, and staff development on local history.

Bus Tours

We ask that bus tours contact us in advance of a tour so that we can arrange for docents, parking space and relate information to the entire staff. Entrance into the museum is free of charge to all persons during regular business hours. However, we strongly encourage a tax-deductible donation to the Clark County Historical Society from tour companies. A receipt will be mailed acknowledging your gift.


Tour Request Form

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