Permanent Exhibits

P1090077The National Road Gallery
Clash of Cultures
Opening of Ohio
Agriculture and Industry
In Service to the Nation
Archaeology of Clark County
From Clark County to Washington, D.C.: Service in the Nation’s Capital
Asa Bushnell – Ohio Governor and Springfielder

Temporary Exhibits typically change throughout the year and photos and details are often featured on our social media accounts. In 2019, we had a water disaster, so our exhibit schedule was cancelled after April 2019. For 2020-2021, due to COVID and continued recovery from the water disaster, we do not have a set exhibit schedule for changing exhibits.

2021 Exhibit – Local Black History February-March 2021
2019 Exhibits – Local Black History; History of United Way
2018 Exhibits – Clark County’s Involvement in WWI in 1918; Born in Clark County: Rollins Moving; Local Black History; Crowell Collier Photo Exhibit
2017 Exhibits – Clark County’s Involvement in WWI in 1917; Born in Clark County: Sweet Manufacturing; Local Black History
2016 Exhibits – Born in Clark County: Cole, Acton, Harmon, Dunn Attorneys; Artist Walter Tittle; Local Black History; Born in Clark County: The Champion Company; The Clark County Farm Bureau; Spotlight on New Donations

Photos from previous temporary exhibits:


IMG_2222Born in Clark County Series: Scarff’s Nursery – July – September 2015
Born in Clark County Series: Woeber Mustard – January – March 2015
Born in Clark County Series: Brain Lumber – April – June 2015
Before the Bricks Fell: The Glory Days on Crowell Collier Publishing – May 29, 2015 – October 2015
White Wedding: Myth and Reality – May 1, 2015 – August 1, 2015


Springfield in the Civil War – February 14, 2014 – October 2014


A Look Back at Clark County’s African American History – January 24-February 2013
Newsweek 1983: Rediscovering the American Dream – February 15-April 2013


A Look Back at Clark County’s African American History – February 7-March 20, 2012
Ohio and the Civil War – 150 Years Later – Ohio Historical Society Traveling Exhibit – April 10-May 25, 2012
Stuff that Scares the Staff – Scary Things from the Historical Society Collections – October 2012


Memorial Hall Time Capsule Exhibit – September – November 2011
New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music – Traveling Exhibit from the Smithsonian’s Museum on Main Street Program – May 24-June 22, 2011
Asa Bushnell – Ohio Governor and Springfielder – November 2011


The Archaeology of Clark County
From Clark County to Washington, D.C.: Service in the Nation’s Capitol


112 Years and Counting: The History of the Clark County Historical Society – Summer 2009-Summer 2010

This exhibit examined the history of the historical society from its founding in 1897 to the present day. Visitors learned about past locations, events, early artifacts that were collected and the story of how we got where we are today.


P1060069Clark County Education from 1850-Present – March 19, 2008-March, 2009

This exhibit included a photograph gallery of images of students and buildings from our collection and objects from our extensive education collection.


Technology: The Transformation of Daily Life

The Transformation of Daily Life ran from March 21, 2007-January 15, 2008 in the Noonan Family Community Gallery. This exhibit portrayed the progress of technology from the mid 19th century through the early 21st century by examining four themes that changed throughout the year:

P10004501. The Home and Household March 21-May 31

2. Communication June 1-September 14

3. Environmental Controls, Health and Hygiene September 15-November 14

4. Entertainment November 15-January 15

Springfield Civic Theater 75th Anniversary Retrospective – August 11-November 1, 2007

National Road Exhibit August 14-September 4, 2007

This exhibition chronicled the origin and evolution of the National Road, the nation’s first federally funded interstate highway. The exhibit focused on Ohio and highlights the National Road’s heyday as the primary route for western migration and settlement, the long era of decline when it was overshadowed by the railroad, its early 20th century rebirth as U.S 40 with the advent of the automobile, through the modern era when it was both a working road for long-haul truckers and a pleasant route for family outings, before being replaced by the interstate highway system.

Ten highly illustrated panels featured the Road’s creators, innovative construction techniques, unique s-bridges and mile markers, 19th and 20th century accommodations that catered to travelers, Road maintenance and the Road’s future as an All-American Road National Scenic Byway and tourist destination.


Focus on Flight

Focus on Flight ran from October 2006-March 2007 in the Gateway Gallery and it focused on the development of aerospace technologies in Clark County. The exhibit highlighted inventor Larence Rausenberger who pioneered engine development and worked with the Wright Brothers, local patent attorney Harry Toulmin, who helped the brothers to get credit for their invention, and also looked at SPECO and Robbins and Myers and other local companies who manufactured goods for the aerospace industry.

Memories of Champions

IM001226Memories of Champions ran from July-December 2006 in the Noonan Family Community Gallery. The exhibit showcased Clark County’s great athletes, focusing both on high school teams and professional sports heroes that made their county proud. Sports that were highlighted in the exhibit included baseball, basketball, football, cross country and track, golf, and boxing.

Creative Muses

The Creative Muses ran from January to June 2006 in the Noonan Family Community Gallery. The exhibit examined the creativity of Clark Countians in various fields-painting, literature, music, photography and in the theatre and on film.


After the Victory 1945-1955
Long Held/Seldom Seen – February-March 2005
Looking Good: 100 Years of Clark County Fashion – April-November
Blazes! Springfield Fires and Firefighters -September 2005-January 2006


DSCN123360th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion

Childhood Memories

Never Done: A Look at Women’s Work – January-April 2004

In the Good Old Summertime – May-August 2004

Clark County Politics – October 2004-January 2005


Clark County Archaeology
Fifty from the 50s
Clark County Glass: Pharmacies, Dairies, Medicine


Memories of 1941
Celebrating Our Heritage – Black History Month
Tribute to Clark County Women – Women’s History Month
1st Clark Countians
The Vietnam Wall Experience
Firefighters, Police and EMA – Memories of Heroes