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What have we got?

The Clark County Historical Society is one of the largest local historical societies in the state of Ohio, possessing an impressive collection of both archival material and artifacts:

  • The Society owns over 6,000 linear feet of archival materials including manuscripts, organizational records, personal papers, newspapers, maps, blueprints, and microflim resources.
  • The Society has over 2,000 non-circulating library materials available for perusal in our research library. These materials include city directories, early family indexes, family genealogies, county histories, cemetery records, war histories, military indexes, immigrant indexes, census indexes, and various histories of other Ohio counties and U.S. states.
  • The Society also has over 200,000 objects in its artifact collection. Artifact groups include military items, fashions, furniture, and locally-manufactured products such as agricultural implements, International trucks and a Westcott automobile.
A photo of our Archives, looking down one of the corridors. Stacks of archival boxes fill the metal shelving units standing at either side of the pathway.

Did you know?

The Society actively collects archival and artifact materials that assist with the interpretation of Clark County’s history! If you would like to donate to the Society’s collections please contact Senior Curator Kasey Eichensehr at (937) 324-0657, ext. 227.

Looking to do research?

The library is completely free and open to the public Wednesday through Saturday!

If you’d like to conduct research, please fill out the form to schedule an appointment with our Archivist. If we know more about your project, we’ll be able to do some preliminary research for you and prepare materials that might be of use to you!

If you have any questions about using the library and archives, please reach out to our Archivist at or call (937) 324-0657 ext. 234.


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