Interview with Arvie Recore

Interviewer: Matthies, Roland
Date: 3/21/1996
Length: 1.90
Interview Topics: Discussion of career as a musician working for WLW-TV leading a big band.

This is March 21, 1996, the second day of spring, and we continue to have a pretty substantial covering of snow on the ground. I intend this afternoon to interview Arvie Recore who will be playing here at Oakwood Village for our birthday party. Arvie has been a longtime director of music for our Springfield Kiwanis Club and has been a marvelous pianist and friend. Fred Hughes recently did a brief article about Arvie for the Kiwanis Club Bulletin and suggested to me that there was a lot more to know, if I could just get Arvie to sit still long enough! I’m going to give that a try this afternoon.