It is March 9, 1998, and this interview is being conducted by Roland Matthies with Charles B. Zimmerman, local barrister, for the archives of the Clark County Historical Society to cover the legal profession and the system of justice in Clark County. While at the same time, asking Mr. Zimmerman to cover the family history of the Zimmermans.
This is an interview on January 15, 2002, as a part of the fifteen year history of Oakwood Village. My interviewee today is Dick Zechiell administrator and CEO of this fine organization. Interviewer is Roland Matthies.
This is an interview with Elizabeth Woodhouse on June 29, 1999, her 87th and my 89th year, so we know what we are talking about! This is done for the archives of the Clark County Historical Society. I turn now to the venerable Elizabeth!
This is an interview by Roland Matthies for the Clark County Historical Society with Mr. Harry Turner, longtime resident of Clark County, as part of our ongoing review of the business history of Clark County. I have asked Mr. Turner to give whatever information he’d like all the way back as far as he would like to go with